Clients’ Complaints & Grievances

If a client feels that they have been treated unfairly, the following procedure is available to them to address complaints or grievances:

  1. The client is advised to speak directly and openly with the staff member most directly involved in the situation.


If the client feels the discussion with the staff member has not resolved the issue or if the nature of the problem makes it inappropriate to openly confront the staff person, the client may:

  1. Ask the staff member to set up an appointment with their direct supervisor so that the client will have an opportunity to discuss the grievance with another person.


If the problem is not resolved after a reasonable amount of time the outcome is not satisfactory the client may:

  1. Ask the supervisor to set up an appointment with the Executive Director so that the client can continue to pursue the grievance.

  2. The Executive Director will investigate the complaint and recommend a course of resolution.

  3. If the client is still not satisfied with the outcome they may choose the final step of the COPE grievance procedure by requesting of the Executive Director a meeting with the grievance committee of the COPE Board of Directors.

  4. The grievance committee of the COPE Board of Directors will hear the grievance from the client, as well as any pertinent information from staff regarding the matter. The Board President may direct the grievance hearing committee to obtain legal counsel to assist and advise in the conduct of the hearing prior to the notified date. If the decision of the grievance committee of the COPE Board of Directors does not satisfy the client, the client will be advised of other grievance recourses.


The following is a list of COPE’s funders. In the event that a client believes their rights have been violated, these organizations may be contacted:

  • Children, Youth & Families Department Domestic Violence Unit, P.O. Drawer 5160, Santa Fe, NM 87502, (505) 827-8400,

  • New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission, 6200 Uptown NE, Suite 210, Albuquerque, NM 87110, (505) 841-9432,

  • New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, 344 4th Street SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, (505) 843-6880,

  • Thrive in Southern New Mexico, P.O. Box 14, 1601 East 10th Street, Suite A, Alamogordo, NM 88311, (575) 437-8400,


COPE is a member program of the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1000 Cordova Place #52, Santa Fe, NM 87505, (505) 246-9240,

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